Monday, December 11, 2023

Facebook export your data feature is now more easy to use

Are you thinking of leaving Facebook? Given the many privacy scandals involving the company, some of its users may decide it’s time to end it. However, with the amount of data that we have uploaded to Facebook such as photos, videos, and contacts etc., it may not be easy for some people to give up.
You may be interested to know that Facebook has announced that they have improved their tools. Moreover the Facebook feature to export your data or not, it is about their own computers or other services.

A copy of your Facebook information may be transfer by heading to your Facebook settings and selecting “Transfer a copy of your information”. There you can choose where the data you have to transferred (Google Docs, WordPress or Blogger). Login to the account of your choice and confirm the transfer.

This new Facebook feature of export your data is part of the data transfer project, an initiative to exchange data between companies. This project has launched in 2018 to allow you to seamlessly transfer data across various online services and platforms. Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter have also engaged in the initiative. And also offer comparable capabilities for exporting data to third-party services.

Photobucket and Google Calendar have added, and Facebook Events has added as a new data type. We are excited about this new change as it gives people more choice and control while promoting innovation with our partners. “

Facebook has allowed users to export their data, erase their history on Facebook, and get rid of embarrassing old posts.

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