Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Facebook Deletes 5381 Malicious Accounts, Pages and Groups in June

In a recent attempt to wipe out its platform, Facebook removed 5,381 malicious accounts, groups and pages from its core network and Instagram.

In June, the company deleted eight networks from seven countries. Most of these campaigns are aimed at people in their own country.

In the month of June Facebook deleted 2,784 accounts, 206 Instagram accounts, 2,249 Facebook pages and 142 Groups from its platform.

In Iraq and Iran Facebook deleted 675 Accounts, 16 pages and 10 Instagram accounts aimed at an audience in Iraq and linked to Al-Maaref Radio in Iraq and Alborz Analysis and Development, an IT company in Tehran. This campaign has targeted many people and audience in the seven countries.

“We discovered this activity as part of our internal investigation into allegedly coordinated inauthentic behavior in the region,” the message from the social network said.

Facebook deleted 1,621 Facebook accounts, 1,795 pages, 75 teams and 93 Instagram accounts in Mexico located in the state of Campeche and connected with people in that state along with those who work for Worgcorp, a political technology company and PR-Agency  in Mexico.

“We discovered this exercise as part of our internal investigation into alleged coordinated inauthentic behavior in the region and removed it prior to the Mexican election,” the company said.

“Once we discovered a non-governmental domestic campaign involving a team of accounts and sites trying to deceive people about who they are and what they do while relying on fake accounts, we confiscated every fake and genuine account, Pages and the team were careful of it immediately Just practice, “added Facebook.

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