Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Facebook Integrates Feature ‘expert’ to Groups

Facebook introduced a way to identify “experts” on feature in user-managed Facebook groups. According to the Report, Facebook integrates new feature of expert in the group that will help to stand out between members. The social network says the new feature was created to help real experts “stand out” in discussions about their area of   expertise.

Group administrators have the authority to assign titles to almost any member they wish. This may mean that groups promoting conspiracy theories or extreme views may also be able to identify “experts”.

Facebook groups are used by movements like QAnon, vaccination groups, and controversial political groups that spread misinformation.

Facebook Policy on COVID Vaccination

Earlier this year, Facebook changed its policy to remove groups that prevent people from getting vaccines and also stopped recommending new members to political groups.

However, a Facebook spokesperson said the feature was a “limited test” and was only available to select groups to begin with.

They also say that the group is subject to societal standards – and that people who have received more than three “reprimands” for violating these standards in the last 90 days do not deserve to call “experts”.

Facebook says the new feature is a way to encourage truly informed voices in groups.

“Administrators now have the opportunity to select certain members in their community who stand out from the rest and give them the opportunity to play a more significant role,” wrote Facebook boss Maria Smith in a blog post.

“Administrators can work with group experts to host questions and answers, share perspectives on a topic, and answer questions,” he adds.

The selected people have the option to accept or decline the expert invitation. If they accept, they will receive a badge next to their name.

As part of the distribution, Facebook says it is experimenting with ways to allow group admins to find real experts on a topic to invite to their groups.

Expert Feature Benefits

According to him, the tests give people who train in certain areas of fitness and gaming the opportunity to determine which areas they are in – “like yoga or a certain game title”. Group admins can then find experts to invite to raise the bar for posting.

Currently, Facebook’s messages do not indicate a review process for expert appointments. This allows individual members of the group to confirm their experience and hope that they will invite the administrator.

This is a process that can obviously play by users and administrators who want to play the system.

Since group administrators are the primary arbiters of who is an expert, administrators who tolerate or even promote conspiracy ideas may not be in the best position to decide who is an “expert.”

Facebook introduced a vaccine disinformation policy earlier this year that said it would remove anti-vaccine content from pages, groups and personal accounts. But it has become a game of cat and mouse as users find ways to bypass it, such as painting avatar frames against vaccines – to go further.

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