Friday, December 1, 2023

Even Twitter owner pays for verification

Twitter owner, admits that, as the owner of Twitter, he, too, pays the $8 verification fee. In a democratic society, the people who make the rules must follow the same rules as everyone else.

He makes it clear that his only goal is to encourage respectful conversation between people with different ideas.

From what the public can see, his verified status appears behind for some users. Some users may only see a gray checkmark on Musk’s account. This entry will cater to every well-known person from “government, news, entertainment, or another recognized category.”

Others who did reply later, though, saw the blue tick verification symbol that said, “This account does verify since it is subscribed to Twitter Blue.”

As soon as Musk took over Twitter, he set – up pays $8 blue tick verification system. Since anyone could pay the suggested $8 to pretend to portray a real person or company, the first rollout became a huge failure. Because of this, some businesses lost many millions of dollars.

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Musk first did suggest a verification fee of $20, but after getting a lot of pushback from online users, including the famous author Stephen King, he quickly lowered the price to $8.

Twitter is currently working on adding different colors of verification ticks for different accounts. Musk says that businesses will get gold checks, governments will get grey checks, and individuals will get blue checks. Before the check did finish a person has to verify each account. He says that the process is annoying but necessary for a thorough check.

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