Monday, December 4, 2023

EU enhances cooperation with countries for migration and transit

EU leaders want it to prevent loss of life and reduce pressure on all European borders.

European Union (EU) heads of states and governments agreed to support third countries to reduce migration pressures at their borders. EU leaders have launched a two-day summit to discuss migration. They promote a new migration strategy that would pave the way for the EU to conclude a similar agreement with a third country as it did with Turkey in 2016.

The agreement between Ankara and union had made to curb irregular refugee flows and improve conditions for Syrian refugees in Turkey. EU leaders are expecting to discuss the union’s future relationship with Turkey, including new support for refugees. The European Union has pledged €6 billion for refugees hosted by Turkey.

The heads of governments instructed the European Commission and the union’s foreign policy chief to step up with concrete support for priority origin and transit countries.

They also asked the EU executive to come up with an action plan to provide additional support to countries tackling the root causes of migration. Also to assisting refugees and displaced people in the region and combating people smuggling and trafficking.

The union will aim to strengthen partnerships and collaborations with countries of origin and transit. They condemned and rejected attempts to exploit migrants for political ends. It is to prevent loss of life and reduce pressure on European borders.

Despite criticism, North African transit countries can be the main beneficiaries of the EU’s new approach to migration.  The union can also stimulate development aid to sub-Saharan Africa.

Moreover, due to a diplomatic row between Morocco and Spain, Rabat suspended border controls. Nearly 9,000 people attempted to attack the Spanish enclave of Ceuta on May 17.

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