Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Ethiopia denies any fear of famine in Tigray region

Commissioner for Disaster Risk Reduction Ethiopia said that there is no hunger in the troubled Tigray region and cannot declare hunger. The federal government launched a large-scale “law enforcement operation” last November.

Hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians are believed to have been displaced. More than 60,000 have fled to neighboring Sudan in the eighth month conflict. War broke out after the Tigray People’s Liberation Front overran Ethiopian command troops, kill soldiers and loot massive military equipment.

Although Prime Minister has declared military operations for two weeks since the law came into effect. Sporadic fighting has been reported, albeit on a very limited scale, as TPLF fighters have been pushed deeper into the bush on two fronts.

Last week, UN humanitarian chief reiterated in international media that Tigray, Ethiopia’s northernmost region, is experiencing severe famine. Read More…

He said that 70% of the land in Tigray has cultivated. None of these three conditions are necessary to explain what is happening with hunger. Crude death rates are over two per 10,000 people per day. Moreover, globally acute malnutrition is over 30% and extreme food shortages affecting more than 20% of the population.

4.5 million beneficiaries have received emergency assistance in a region of about 5.5 million people. In a briefing on the current situation, 55% of hospitals and 52% of health centers in the area have worked so far.

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