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Esra Bilgic Leaked Kissing Video Has Gone Viral On Social Media

Esra Bilgic, the Turkish actress who performed the role of Halime Hatun on the set of the film, has come under fire from a number of quarters for her actions.

She is admired by millions of people throughout the world for both her physical attractiveness and her acting abilities. The Turkish actress is admired for both her physical attractiveness and her acting ability. A household name was established by her depiction of Halime Hatun in Dirilis: Ertugrul, in which she was seen completely clad and without makeup in a variety of costumes.

With regards to Esra, she surprised her admirers when she was photographed kissing Ramo, one of her co-stars on the forthcoming season of The Bachelorette, in public.

Estra Bilgic Kissing Video

Due to the fact that they want to see Esra always in Halime’s shoes on film, it is difficult for her fans to accept the reality that she is capable of putting herself in potentially dangerous situations on-screen.

Esra had previously appeared in a video, in which she can be seen performing dance moves. Several social media outlets reacted positively to the video, which garnered a lot of attention overall.

Due to the fact that she appears to be having a great time while swinging her hips and wriggling her legs, the Turkish actress’s dancing video has earned millions of views on social media. Their heartfelt offers of support poured into the comments area as soon as they saw her post.

During the brief dance video that has been made accessible to the public, Esra may be seen wearing a black dress and dancing.


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