Sunday, December 10, 2023

Energy shortfall causes load shedding in country continuously

Electricity shortage worsened across the country on Thursday when energy shortfall exceeded 6,000 MW. The demand for Lahore Electric Power Supply Company (LESCO) reached 5,000 MW while the supply is 4,000 MW.

It is assuming that it takes two days to generate more energy from the Tarbela Dam.

The deficit is reported to have increased due to the cessation of hydrogenation from the Tarbela Dam due to the presence of silt. The shutdown of electricity production at the Tarbela Dam has resulted in a massive blackout. Energy shortfall has affected Lahore and other parts of Punjab also. The duration of cargo release is also increasing across the country and the masses are facing tough times this summer.

On Wednesday, the National Electricity Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) noted prolonged blackouts across the country. Further, NEPRA summoned the CEO of KE and other DISCOs. K-Electric and other DISCOs aim to provide consumers with an uninterrupted supply of electricity.

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