Sunday, October 1, 2023

Nigerian actor John Njamah speaks out about his sister Empress Njamah’s nude video

Nigerian actor John Njamah reacts to his sister Empress Njamah’s nude videos. Spur Josh Wade, Empress’s ex-lover, reportedly uploaded private videos of her online.

Empress Njamah broke up with Wade and warned him about the videos. In the early hours of 2023, he apparently created a WhatsApp group and posted “actress in her home videos.”

This sparked a social media backlash, with women being warned not to fall victim. John said it used to be easy to be decent, but not anymore.

“It used to be simple to be a good person, to help others, and to give without expecting anything in return,” wrote the actress. It used to be easy to do the right thing, but now many good people suffer.

“…all of these atrocities are the result of people you’ve GIVEN in the past, people you call friends… Their response is rude gestures and ill-considered behavior toward you. Sad! Trusting others used to be easy since it was right. Our current world has disregarded all that. SAD!”

Empress mentioned the video two days before John’s tweet. The 42-year-old thanked supporters in a video with Chuck Chyke.

“Love y’all. Okay. Thanks for your support, messages, and visits.

“I’m alive; I came out alive, and I can speak out; so many women are hidden under this agony; we move.” She’s enthusiastic about her freedom.

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