Friday, September 29, 2023

Nigerian actress Empress Njamah Leaked Video Goes Viral On Social Media

Empress Njamah became well-known after a private video of hers was shared on social media and made available to the public.

The video of Nollywood actress Empress Njamah being sexually explicit has gone viral after it was apparently shared on social media by actor George Wade, who was once engaged to her but has since broken up with her.

Right now, her name and the phrase “leaked video” are trending on Twitter. This suggests that the African-American actress, whose parents are from Nigeria and Cameroon, has a recording on the social media site.

On January 3, her name started trending on social media as people started sharing her video. Many of these people were also cursing the Liberian who had leaked it, and some of them were also hunting for the video. Some of these individuals were also looking for it.

Many of her genuine fans choose to direct all of their animosity toward the man and disregard the video in favour of doing so. However, there are many who believe that she is a victim of karma, despite the fact that many of her female coworkers in the film industry stand behind her and support her.

Based on what has been found, Wade set up a WhatsApp group and invited a lot of people to join. He then started sending out naked pictures of the actress that he had taken while she was at home.These movies included innocuous footage of her taking a shower.

It is important to keep in mind that Njamah accused her “ex-fiance” of physically abusing her during a Livestream that was broadcast on her official Instagram account after the couple broke up in 2022.

On social media, Nigerians have voiced their disapproval of the video that has now gone viral. A lot of them have criticised Wade for what they say is his cruel and crazy behavior.

Empress Njamah is an actress and businesswoman who is 54 years old. She was previously romantically involved with the musician Timaya.

Empress’s former fiance made a threat to her in a video on Linda Ikeji’s Instagram account. In the video, he said, “I promise to God, you don’t know what’s coming.” “I am familiar with the things you do on a daily basis.”

Before he made the video public, he confessed to Linka Ikeji that Empress had stolen his money and had been having adulterous encounters with other men. He made this admission before the video was made public.

But when Linda Ikeji talked to Empress, she said that Wade came into her life when she was sad because of Ada Ameh’s death, and he used that to his advantage to trick her and blackmail her.Empress said that Wade gained entrance into her life when she was depressed due to the death of Ada Ameh.

According to Empress Njamah, the DSS is now involved. She also shared with Linda that Wade has victimised other Nigerian ladies whom he perceives to be wealthy in the same manner.

We can’t put a video like this on our website because of our editorial policy, but we strongly urge you not to share any videos like this because we believe that every woman deserves to be treated with respect. 

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