Monday, December 11, 2023

Emily reveals the secret to her successful 11-year marriage with John Krasinski

If a Hollywood romance has been the test of time, then it is 11-year marriage between Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. So, how is their happy marital secret? “Love only,” said Emily, “E! news.”

Emily said that she has 2 kids – 7-year-old Hazel and 5-year-old Violet – with John. “You have to continue to love and loves, listen only.”

Meanwhile Dwayne’s co-star “Jungle Cruise” “The Rock” Johnson also reveals secrets for his successful marriage with Lauren Hashian’s long-time love. “We immediately attempt to get to the opposite side very fast if you have a dispute. Usually I say ‘I’m so sorry for the S**t'” he said.

“What I found in observing Lauren was her unbelievable ability to handle infants and life and to work and to run a family. This is just unbelievable,” remarked the actor.

‘Jungle Cruise’ will launch at US theatres on July 30 and will be on Disney+.

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