Monday, December 4, 2023

Elon Musk admits Tesla’s latest self-driving software isn’t great

It’s been less than a week since Tesla held AI Day, a festive event full of technical jargon that aims to attract selected AI engineers. And visionaries to work for Tesla and help the company achieve autonomous greatness. And now CEO Elon Musk has posted some rave reviews about the Total Self technology Management (FSD). He also admits that the Tesla’s latest self driving software is not great.

Musk asserts: “As a result, the FSD Beta 9.2 autopilot/AI team is working feverishly to update FSD. He also mentioned that Tesla’s latest self driving software is not great and we are working on it. When it comes to creating a tech stack for highways and city streets, massive rewiring of neural networks”

This is a crucial aspect to remember This sentiment is shared by many people in the autonomous space. In an interview, Kodiak Robotics co-founder and CEO Don Burnett explained that his firm now solely focuses on freight. Because it is a As Burnett said in a recent interview:
Unique to our technology is its ability to cater to a specific need. It isn’t always necessary to have trucks functioning at a high level on the road. While maintaining the extremely high power density of a city car in the same packaging and system In theory. It’s certainly possible to find a general solution for all driving conditions of all kinds. But this is of course a much more difficult problem.

Since Tesla only used optical cameras and hated lidar and radar, “massive” neural training as a requirement is no understatement.

Artificial Intelligence and The Vision Team

Despite the sympathy we all have for artificial intelligence and the vision team. Who are no doubt feeling a little weary from Musk’s tweets, this is the only moment of clarity and honesty for Musk. Usually we have to filter Tesla’s message about its autonomy with a finely tuned BS meter that beeps whenever its full self-driving tech is mentioned. Which, for your information, is by no means complete self-government; We offer only advanced driver assistance, which, as we provide, can lay the groundwork for greater autonomy in the future.

Musk followed up on the tweet and said that he just rode the FSD Beta 9.3 from Pasadena to LAX, a “highly improved” ride! Musk is always optimistic .A couple of weeks ago, Musk said that Tesla will issue a new version of the FSD every two weeks at midnight, California time, Beta 9.2 would be “tight,” he added, adding the radar had slowed down the company’s work, but now that it had a clear vision, it will move forward significantly.

Maybe Musk is just trying to divert bad press noise about the FSD system. This past week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) began a preliminary inquiry into Tesla’s autopilot system after 11 vehicles collided with parked. What makes cars the first answer is a mystery to us. However, according to investigative documents posted on the National Road Safety and Administration website, most accidents happen after dark. Poor night vision is definitely something common to many human drivers. But accidents like that just wouldn’t happen in the world of autonomous driving.

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