Saturday, December 2, 2023

Leopard attack – Tharparkar residents killed leopard

Residents of Tharparkar sighted a leopard; It attacked the villagers and eight villagers injured in leopard attack!

After chasing the beast, locals killed the leopard and reported to wildlife department.
It is thought that, animal came across the border from Rajasthan, India.

It is a rare sight in this area of Tharparkar.
Leopard attack occurred in the area of Soonghwari and Bhotaro villages.


Body of leopard shifted to Karachi for scientific research.


“The attack created panic in the two villages with the people locking themselves up inside their homes until the animal was killed” A local resident told the media about attack.

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According to the local people, Sindh wild life department could not be able to reach at time and it resulted in injuries by leopard.

video below shows the dead leopard surrounded by local residents.


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