Monday, May 29, 2023

ECP convicts PTI MNA in NA-45 Kurram

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has published its investigation report on the rigging of the postal ballot in the NA-45 Kurram (Tribal Area – VI) election, which was made public on Wednesday.

According to the 147-page report, PTI National Assembly member Fakhar Zaman Khan has been found to be the primary perpetrator of the election rigging that occurred in the constituency in collaboration with DSP Central Kurram Mohammadi Khan and Special Branch official Wasiullah during the last elections held in the constituency.

The report was written by an inquiry group that included Haroon Khan Shinwari, the Joint Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Election Commissioner, and Khushal Zada, the Director of Elections in the province.

Additionally, the report claimed that Central Kurram Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Muhammadi Khan and Special Branch official Wasiullah attempted to sway election results in Zaman’s favour. According to the report, Zaman violated Article 175(b) of the Elections Act 2017 by preparing bogus postal ballot applications in order to influence election outcomes. He was also found to be culpable for the fraud, along with DSP Central Kurram Muhammadi Khan and Special Branch official Wasiullah. The investigative report, which was submitted to the ECP by a team led by the joint election commissioner for the province of K-P, indicated that the applications received for postal ballots were fraudulent.

It was discovered by the police that almost all of the signatures on the petitions were forgeries, according to their own investigation. PTI’s Zaman, on the other hand, called the situation a “plot of the opposition” and offered a forged ineligibility order from the ECP as evidence, claiming that opponents were attempting to sabotage the poll by disseminating what he called “false orders.”

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