Friday, February 23, 2024

Dwayne Johnson shares ‘superb’ hawk footage with a snake

The newest barrier Dwayne Johnson has disclosed in his fitness program — a hawk eating a snake.

Dwayne Johnson recently published a video of a hawk deceiving a snake on Instagram where he remarks on the situation from his window.

“It’s a huge, lovely hawk right outside my door,” said Johnson, and later described how “a heck of a snake grabbed his heels” from the bird.

The actor stated in a long title to the post: “It’s my Copperhead hawk’s snake or exercises on my weekend.

Recently, Dwayne Johnson looked behind the stage at his next DC-Comics movie Black Adam, in which he plays the headline anti-hero, traditionally known as the villain of Shazam.

The first movie iteration of the Justice Society will be Black Adam, the forerunner of the Justice League with an inter-generational band of superheroes.

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