Friday, March 31, 2023

Due to Heavy Tax Users of Jazz got Angry

Users of leading mobile network company Jazz have burst into anger over illegal taxes and #لوٹرہاہے_جاز as a top trend on Twitter. Media reports claim that users have exploded as a result of illegal activities by mobile network company Jazz. The site has documented its protest on the social media platform Twitter.

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Customers have complained that Jazz claims to be a 4G network, but that their 2G network does not function in place of the 4G network. Every day, different packages of users are activated by texting themselves, and they immediately begin deducting money from their accounts without informing the consumers. 

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It is claimed by users that no matter how much balance there is, the user loses consciousness and is completely unaware of it. You will not be able to reach anyone on the Jazz helpline for at least two hours if you call during business hours. Even when complaints are lodged with the PTA, there is no response. So far, there has been no response from the company regarding this matter.

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