Monday, December 4, 2023

Due to COVID-19, the Sindh government has imposed a lockdown till August 8

Sindh’s government decided to implement a lockdown immediately till August 8, as the province continues to combat the risky growth of COVID-19 infections.

The decision was taken during a meeting led by Sindh Minister Chief Murad Ali Shah of the Coronavirus task force, attended on Friday by provincial ministries, medical experts and PMA members.

The COVID-19 task group met also for the first time with legislative leaders of major parties. In addition, it was invited by the Sindh Ranger DG.

Sindh Coronavirus Working Group key decisions

From tomorrow, the lockdown will take effect. Here are some of the important decisions taken:

  • Next week’s government offices will be closed.
  • After 31 August, anyone who are not vaccinated will not receive their wage.
  • Anybody who roams the streets will be scrutinized for vaccination cards.
  • It will remain available to the export business.
  • Every market is closed across the province, although pharmacies remain open.
  • Transport between towns is closed

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