Saturday, December 2, 2023

Dr. Tariq Banuri, Chairman of the HEC has been removed from his position by the government

With the adoption of the new regulations from the Higher Education Commission (amendments) 2021, the Federal Government has appointed the  Chairman of the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Dr. Tariq Banuri, overthrown.

In a communication from the Pakistani government on March 26, it said: “With the current version of the 2002 University Commission regulations as well as the Higher Education Commission’s (amended) 2021 regulations, Dr. Tariq Banuri will no longer chair the Higher Education Commission “immediately.

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The new rules proposed by the Cabinet Committee for Legislative Affairs (CCLC) amend the rules and regulations of the HEC, reduce the terms of the HEC chairman and 18 members from four to two years, and transfer powers to the government of the appointed executive director who can be replaced at this time.

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