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Dr. Atta ur Rehman says Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine is not suitable for Pakistanis


Dr Atta-ur-Rahman, a leading scientist and chairman of the Prime Minister’s task force on science and technology, said Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine is not suitable for Pakistan.

Pfizer recently announced preliminary results from Phase III clinical trials of its COVID-19 vaccine which was developed in collaboration with BioNTech, and said the drug offers up to 90% protection against viral infections without side effects.

However, Dr Atta-ur-Rahman believes that this vaccine is currently not suitable for Pakistan, adding that it is too early to celebrate the preliminary results of Pfizer’s vaccine trials.

Sharing his thoughts with local media, he said he was being cautious because Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine will need to overcome 5 major challenges before it becomes widely available.

The biggest problem with Pfizer’s vaccine is that it has yet to obtain a seal from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), while the FDA normally approves a drug within two months.

The second challenge is to ensure that the vaccine is stored at -80 ° C in third world countries, including Pakistan.

Third, Pfizer has not disclosed the length of time its vaccine confers immunity against COVID-19.

The large-scale production of the vaccine is the fourth challenge and the fifth is to ensure its affordability and uniform availability around the world.

Finally, Dr Atta-ur-Rahman warned that Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine will take a year longer to overcome these challenges.

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