Thursday, March 30, 2023

Dr. Amjad Saqib, a microfinance pioneer, has been awarded Asia’s ‘Nobel Prize’

Pakistani developing worker Muhammad Amjad Saqib received a Ramon Magsaysay Award for his first kind of interest- and collateral-free microfinance program, named after a Philippine President who was killed during a plane crash.

This was a help to millions of poor families. The award was presented by a Philippine president.

Akhuwat has become the largest microfinance institution of the nation almost two decades after its launch, distribution of $900 million equivalent and a loan repayment rate of almost 100 percent, according to the Award Fund.

He is noted for his “inspiring conviction that human kindness and solidarity would discover methods of eradicating poverty” at places of worship.

Premier Imran Khan stated in a tweet: ‘There have been announcements this year to the Pakistani, Dr Amjad Saqib, Founder Akhuwat, about the Ramon Magsaysay Award, Asia’s highest honour. Feel free to him. We are proud of his accomplishments in establishing a social security state that is built on the Riasat and Madina model.”

American Steven Muncy, founder of Community and Family Services International Philippine-based non-governmental organisations, has received recognition for aiding refugees, supporting victims of natural disasters and returning a former child soldier to Asian schools.

Fishing Filipino Roberto Ballon, 53, who had been acclaimed to assist “live a dying fishing sector” in Mindanao, South of which abandoned fishponds devastated mangrove ecosystems, was another winner.

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