Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Don’t be selfish, get a COVID shot, says Queen Elizabeth

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, 94 years, who received the first COVID shot to fight coronavirus last month, urged the public to follow suit. She said it didn’t hurt and those who were careful should think about others.

The king and her 99-year-old husband Prince Philip, currently hospitalized with non-COVID-19 infections. Received their photo from a family doctor at Queen Windsor Castle’s residence. And also, placed her in the priority group for the distribution of the coronavirus vaccine in Britain.

“Once you get COVID shot, you feel protected, I think is very important. And as far as I know, it is not dangerous,” said Queen Elizabeth in a video interview with health officials at Vaccination of the UK’s four states.

“It was very fast and I got lots of letters from people who are very surprised at how easy it is to get the vaccine. And the beatings didn’t hurt at all,” furthermore she said, comparing the outbreak viruses.

“More than 18.6 million Britons have received their first injection of the COVID-19 vaccine. Celebrities including singer Elton John and actor Michael Kane have joined the campaign to encourage people to give advice on filming”.

The UK Vaccine Minister this week said that between 11% and 15% of the public are reluctant to shoot amid conspiracy theories about vaccination. Especially among ethnic minorities.

“Obviously it is difficult for people if they never get a vaccine. Because they have to think about someone other than themselves,” said the Queen. Who called the spread of vaccination in Britain, one of the fastest in the world, “extraordinary“.

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Other members of the royal family, including Crown Prince Charles and his son Prince William. They have visited the vaccination center over the past two weeks to especially thank staff and volunteers for their work.

However, there are concerns about the health of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who was admitted to a London hospital last week. And has spent nine nights receiving medical treatment for an unspecified infection.

The palace said Philip, who will turn 100 in June, is comfortable and responding to treatment. But will likely stay in the hospital for several days.

On Tuesday, the Duke and Queen’s youngest son, Prince Edward, said he was “much better off”. And the day before William said his grandfather was “healthy”.

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