Thursday, February 22, 2024

A shocking video shows donkey meat being sold in the Twin Cities

This is a cry for the citizens of the Twin Cities because, after Lahore, the Rawalpindi butchers played tricks on people’s lives by selling donkey meat.

The shocking revelations came when police in Rawalpindi arrested two men who were slaughtering a donkey under the Pirvadhai Bridge in the early hours of Thursday.

The butchers were reportedly arrested by local residents and then handed over to the police. A video of the scene is taking a social media tour in which two men are handcuffed to find themselves surrounded by several local residents and police officers.

The video was recorded on his camera by an eye witness and also shows a dead donkey lying some distance away.

The defendants were then taken to the Pirvadhai Police Station for investigation. The defendant later admitted to having delivered donkey meat to various hotels and restaurants around the city.

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