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Doctors say they should never wash this part of the body in the shower.


Doctors warn that washing your face in the shower can do more harm than good.

Hot shower water can damage the sensitive skin on your face, and removing too much protective oil from your face can cause more problems.

Washing your face with lukewarm or cooler water is a better option, and only use a mild cleanser when needed.

If you are like me or millions of other people on the planet, the shower is where you clean your home. Of course you wash your hands all day (right?!?!?), But otherwise you work most of the time in the shower. You scrub and rinse and you’re ready for another day (or two, if you’re lazy). Unfortunately, cleaning your entire body in the shower may not be ideal.

It’s not that cleaning in the shower is bad, it’s just that when it comes to your face, the shower probably isn’t a good place to focus on cleaning. But what exactly is the problem? According to doctors speaking with Marie Claire and The Daily Mail, the water temperature makes the biggest difference.

The skin on your face can be very sensitive. It’s not the same as the skin on your arms and legs, and if you’ve ever had acne or other skin problems on your face, you know you may have a rash. face and keep the rest of your body clean. There are many reasons why this happens, from environmental factors to how often you touch your face, but when it comes to cleansing, experts say you wash your face under a hot (or sometimes boiling) shower. ) can do. much more harm than good.

Hot water, in particular, like the one that many of us enjoy when we shower, can wreak havoc on the sensitive skin on our faces. This can lead to short and long-term damage, including dilated or broken blood vessels that can change the appearance of the skin and even age faster than normal.

“The skin on the face, like any other skin, can become too dry if there is too much contact with water,” Hadley King, MD, told Marie Claire. So a general rule of thumb for showering is not too long, not too hot, not too often. When heat is limited to hot, the risk of capillary expansion is minimized. “

Cleansing your face with warm water can also strip it of essential oils for your health. We all tend to associate a ‘greasy’ face with dirt, but there is a certain amount of natural oil that helps keep the skin smooth and healthy. The best idea is to maintain your facial cleanser when you’re not in the shower with lukewarm or even slightly cold water to wash your face and rinse your face with a mild cleanser.

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