Friday, September 29, 2023

Would Diana applaud Prince Harry’s memoir?

Prince Harry’s memoir would divide Princess Diana, an analyst warns. Andrew Morton, the former Princess of Wales biographer, said Diana would not have been happy about Harry’s betrayal.

“The title reveals all.” He titled it “Spare,” so it’ll be about his life in his brother’s shadow. Cain and Abel, for me. Diana is most likely conflicted about her role as the “Daily Beast.”

Harry will be freed from his past by the book. “You can only blame your parents for so long,” Mr. Morton said.

Morton said Diana would be delighted if Harry moved to America.

“She would have understood that—she looked at Julie Andrews’ house in California; she was considering living there; she found America a place of openness and opportunity—so she would have applauded Harry.”

Princess Diana “always intended Harry to be William’s wingman, not a hitman,” he claimed.

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