Saturday, December 9, 2023

Despite the availability of vaccines, incidences of viruses are growing

No indications of decreasing were observed by the fourth wave of coronavirus, as the one-day tally of new cases first above 4,000 levels in two months and the government got near an ambitious objective of one million vaccination doses in one day.

The national positive ratio has also reached an alarming 7.8 percent, the highest level during the present Covid wave, according to the NCOC, which is the government’s synchronised effort to address the epidemic.

However, the number of active cases decreased to 56,952 on Wednesday in the aftermath of 7,020 recoveries, the forum reported.

In all there are 935,742 recoveries from the illness, representing a substantial recovery rate of more than 90%.

It has been noted that in the previous 24 hours 44 individuals died from a national death rating of 23,133, out of 39 patients in the hospital, including 20 in ventilators. The majority of deaths in Sindh, twenty, were followed by twelve in Punjab.

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