Monday, December 4, 2023

Despite COVID-19, Pakistan is on the path to economic success: Ch Sarwar

Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar, Governor of Punjab, said the PTI victory in the Sialkot by-elections is a win against the new Pakistan and proves that the people have supported the opposition and opposed it by standing with the government.

Pakistan is bound for economic growth, he added, notwithstanding Corona. He remarked.

He added that in Pakistan only policy openness and honesty will prevail, in his speech at Governor House Lahore on Thursday to the various delegations of PTI.

Governor of Punjab expressed worry over Corona’s rise in the case of every Pakistani who follows SOPs till the complete removal of COVID-19, adding that people who do not follow Corona Sops not only put themselves, but also others’ lives in danger.

It would be a catastrophe for the country if instances of corona increase further, thus everybody should be vaccinated and SOPs be followed in order to fight the disease.

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