Monday, December 4, 2023

Demi Lovato will host a new talk show starting in July

American singer Demi Lovato is excited to kick off her talk show next month.

The 28-year-old singer is hosting “Demi Lovato” on The Roku Channel, which premieres on July 30. The singer explains her upcoming talk show, especially for the various topics she will cover.

“Some talks may be unpleasant but I don’t want to talk about things freely. We aim to establish an environment where individuals can communicate with one other, connect with one another, and above all learn together. You may live your own truth.” In a statement, Demi Lovato stated.

Demi Lovato also points out that there are no taboo topics on talk shows. “There’s something therapeutic about having a discussion that’s hard for people to relate to, and the Demi Lovato Show doesn’t have a topic that goes out of bounds, and opinions are welcome,” she said.

“I’m quite eager to see the Roku channel talks developed by the people.”

Demi Lovato can be seen as a guest on every 10-minute episode of the talk show. Audiences hear their chatter on topics like activism, feminism, gender identity, positive vibes about gender and the body, mental health, and even interplanetary visitors.

The Demi Lovato show was supposed to start early on the Quibi platform, but the project disappeared before it went live. So the Roku Channel took over all of Quibi’s content, including Demi’s shows.

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