Monday, December 11, 2023

Delays in the completion of development initiatives are not acceptable says Railways Minister Swati

Minister of railway Muhammad Azam Khan Swati declared that the department will not accept any delay in completion of its development projects.

He said the Project Director will be held responsible in case of any deficiency or delay at a number of meetings on different matters at the PR Headquarters here on Friday. He indicated that no change will be made to the project director until the project is complete.

The minister appreciated the cops and stated the PR was only operating because of the good officers. He stated inefficient individuals will be replaced by efficient personnel so that the trains could go on current routes. In six months, he instructed the police to complete all signage projects.

In six months, the minister ordered the building of the apartments for the staff of Narowal to be completed. He expressed delight that the apartments were already built in Lahore and Karachi. He added Mafias should be controlled since they constituted development barriers.

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