Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Dawar Mehmood says Amna Ilyas is the most beautiful girl he has ever been with

Popular actress Amna Ilyas, who avoided rumors. She married director Davar Mehmud in 2020, has exposed her affair with the director.
Even Davar, who is rumored and accused of being her husband. Is an equal when it comes to sharing captivating photos with the model. Which makes all her followers wonder where their relationship really is.
Davar recently shared a photo with Amna Ilyas from a wedding they may have attended recently. He labeled the photo and said, “I’ve never had a boyfriend like you! Thanks for being the prettiest girl I’ve ever been with.” “
And if you think Davar refers to Amna as his girlfriend and the most beautiful girl he has ever been with in one confusing sentence, then he adds: “Until death there is nothing else !!!”
In response to her thanks, Amna said, “Every girl is beautiful … badtameez! I love you too.”

In October 2020, Amna uploaded a typical autumn photo entitled “Falling in Love” on her Instagram. Davar commented on the post with the words “already in love”, which made the Baaji star react with deep emotion.
A week earlier, Davar even had time to upload a photo with the model, where the two were cutting their birthday cake together. “Weird moments, expressions, emotions that pushed him to the core! One of the best actors I’ve worked with so far,” he wrote. Then he added playfully: “But so that bhi utnee hi hi ahe ho anyway kya baat hai (if your face is as big as your talent). Happy birthday, beautiful.”

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