Friday, September 29, 2023

David Beckham celebrates World Cup opening ceremony amid Qatar’s ‘end deals’ demands

David Beckham went to Qatar for the start of the World Cup, even though there were calls for him to back out of his contract.

The former English footballer is said to have worked out a deal to be the face of Qatar for $10 million.

The former Manchester United star uploaded a picture of the pitch with entertainers on it and fans holding lanterns.

Beckham has been criticized for endorsing Qatar due to its human rights issues. Comedian Joe Lycett told Beckham to break up with Qatar, which made things even worse.

After Beckham refused his “Benders Like Beckham” demands, the comic shredded £10,000 worth of livestream.

Lycett vowed to donate the money to LGBTQ football groups if Becks broke connections with Qatar.

Beckham’s representative told, “David has visited Qatar regularly for over a decade and went on to play for PSG, so he has seen the enthusiasm for football in the country and the long-term commitment to hosting the World Cup and producing a lasting legacy for the region.”

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