Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Daniel Craig aka James Bond appeared in interview with bleeding forehead

Recently, Daniel Craig sat through a virtual interview with Javier Bardem with a bleeding forehead until the presenter pointed it out. This fantastic ring flash I have put up with an iPad in the centre of it has delivered to Daniel. He was going this way and it simply dropped on his head.

“Let me ask you, my buddy, one last question: ‘What happened to you here?'” Bardem said. “Where? I feel like I just had sandwich on top of my head. “Did I whack it?” Craig joked while feeling about his skull.

Daniel Craig said, This is 17 years of playing Bond with bleeding forehead? It’s no wonder I get f***ing wounded every time I do a movie”. Laughter erupted from both guys.

Thank you for bringing this to his attention. To be honest, he was just about to finish setting it up when it went donk. Jesus!’ he was not dying of blood loss. It’s simply some random thing. If he don’t get hurt while filming then he is not doing it right.

The 53 years old actor suffered many on-set mishaps over his 14 years as ‘007’. It includes a torn shoulder cartilage, burst calf muscles and a fractured knee.

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