Sunday, December 10, 2023

Dale Steyn: PSL is More Rewarding Than IPL. Indians Got Furious at him.

Quetta Gladiators’ Dale Steyn got outrageous responses from Indians after talking about his experience in Indian Premier League (IPL) against other international leagues.

In an interview with Cricket Pakistan, Dale steyn explained his decision to give up the IPL this year, saying there was “so much emphasis on making money that, sometimes cricket is forgotten somewhere downstairs “.


He went on to say that he found the game “a little more useful” in other leagues.
“When you come to like a PSL or the Sri Lankan Premier League, for that matter, there is an importance on the cricket.”

Steyn’s comments caused quite a stir among Indian cricket fans, who took to twitter to express their anger.

A fan distributed a meme on behalf of “all IPL fans” that read, “Aye tu chup re. Tereko kuch maloom nai. (Oh, shut up, you. You don’t know anything).”

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“If someone has an IPL problem, don’t bark, we Indians are happy to see our star here,” one more user said.

A lot of people shared their responses on dale steyn’s tweet including some cricketers too.

“No wonder Steyn found PSL more rewarding where he gets to play more cricket. Thoughts?” one user said.

It is a noticable thing that, IPL franchises ignored South african pacer Dale steyn in IPL auction.
A user shared another video in which a batsman hit dale steyn brutally in a cricket match.

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