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CyberCrime is Rising, What Can We Do?

Some suggestions for strengthening online safety

Cybercrime security is the practice of stopping bad things from happening online. Finding them when they do, and taking action against them. A procedure that protects networks, computers, data, services, and hardware from intrusions on a global scale.

Cybercrime is rising like a meteor in the past few years. The FIA found that the number of cases of financial fraud done through social media rose by 83% from 2018 to 2021. The Head of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FIA). Dr. Sanaullah Abbasi said earlier this year that the agency has received more than 100,000 complaints from all over Pakistan in 2020.

He also said that the number of reports became going up. He said that more than 60,000 became filed in the first three months of 2022. But the federal government, provincial governments, and industry groups in Pakistan. Taken steps to protect their people and their digital infrastructure.

Some of the most important ordinances and acts passed by the federal and provincial governments are the National Cybercrime Security Policy 2021. The Prevention of Electronic Crime Act 2016, the Investigation for Fair Trial Act 2013. The Electronic Transaction Ordinance 2002, and the Pakistan Telecommunication Act 1996.

The State Bank of Pakistan has also put out several rules for the banking industry about cybersecurity. The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) set up the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) to work in the telecommunications industry. Unfortunately, no national ministry in the U.S. sponsors a CERT.

In 2018, the Ministry of Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives set up the National Center for Cyber Security to begin academic research and development in the field. The Higher Education Commission has created new Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees in cyber security and systems security (HEC). But there is a growing gap between the number of people who need digital skills and the number of people who have them. Especially in the field of cybersecurity. This shows that existing resources need to be improved.

This is also important to strengthen the organization working on national cybersecurity. Improve the institutional and legal frameworks that are already in place. It is important that all legal structures, frameworks, and processes related to cybersecurity are constantly evaluated, watched, and improved.

But there aren’t enough Cyber Security Incident Response Teams that are actively working at the organizational level in the private, public, and defense sectors. These teams are responsible for making sure the country’s cybersecurity.

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As soon as possible, the federal and provincial governments should work together to set up a National CERT to fight future cyberattacks. All provincial governments that work with the National CERT should do the same thing and set up their own CERT.

Nationwide campaigns to raise awareness should include both public and private schools, government agencies, and the media. Another positive step in this direction is the work of cyber volunteer groups for young people.

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