Criminals use PUBG to sexually assault and kill a teenager

Important information about the sexual assault and murder of a 13 year old boy in Lahore has emerged, suggesting that the killers befriended him through the online game PUBG.

Sharik Jamal, who is investigating Lahore DIG, reported at a press conference that police had arrested three suspects – Ata Ula, Musawar Iqbal and Mohamed Navid – in the case.
Investigations found that they had befriended Ryvind-based victims through PUBG, but their relationship deteriorated when the boy avoided them.

“The suspects had developed a grudge against the boy for avoiding meeting them. They hatched a plan to teach him a lesson.”

The officer said the suspect kidnapped the victim and took her to Nancana Sahib, where they sexually abused her before shooting her.

Police also arrested a man who was accused of repeatedly sexually abusing his daughter over a long period of time. Suspect Boota Masih has been sexually abusing the victim for more than two years. When his wife arrested him and decided to report him to the police, he threatened him and threw his hot tea.


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