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Creator of Subway Surfers – Who created this masterpiece and is the sad story of life true?

As for the endless platform racing genre, Subway Surfers has always remained popular with gamers. You may be familiar with this, but the question is always who invented the Subway Surfers and what inspired them.

There are currently several editions of Subway Surfers, including releases in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

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Each version has unique content and the developers have done an excellent job of creating a balanced bug-free game. All of the above editions are available for free on the respective app stores. There’s been a lot of research lately about the game’s creator and why he chose to do so. So today we took the time to get to know the creators and some facts about him.

Who developed Subway Surfers?

Matthias Gredel Norvig, the current CEO of SYBO Games, is the game’s lead designer. In 2012 Mathias had an idea and discussed it with other game makers and partners.

When the idea is ready, development of the game and the full version as it will be available on May 23, 2012 begins immediately. The number of game downloads on various platforms increased sharply, and gradually the developers began to work on several editions of the game.

In 2018 Matthias Gredel Norvig took part in the Pocket Gamer Connects event in London, where he spoke about the history of this game. Check out the video below to learn more about the history of it.

-vidoe by @PocketGamerbiz via youtube

Fake story that surfaced on Twitter about Subway Surfers

Twitter users used to post messages on Twitter about the game stating that Subway Surfers was created by the creator in memory of his late son. The tweet also stated that his son died in an accident while skating on the railroad tracks.

The tweet went viral in no time, then game creators and companies declared it fake and Twitter users downloaded the tweet. Nodwig explained that the game was his own idea and was made in collaboration with Kiloo.

He added, “We developed Subway Surfers to prominence the culture and diversity of the streets. We believe this game allows creativity and fun in a safe and fun environment. Thank you for walking with us! “

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