Thursday, June 1, 2023

COVID-19 restrictions are anticipated to be relaxed in Sindh

Karachi’s new Administrator, Murtaza Wahab, stated Saturday that the administration has developed a consistent coronavirus lock-down strategy across Sindh that will be in line with federal guidelines.

Following the Covid-19, NCOC Taskforce meeting, he indicated that the government will release a Sunday limit notice during a media briefing.

“The decision to prohibit SIM cards has been a play changer.”

Wahab said that during the final week of July, coronaviral infections in Karashi and Hyderabad have fallen. People are more concerned about their phones than about their health.

More than 200,000 individuals have become immune from the deadly illness in the previous 24 hours. In the Abdul Khaliq Afghani ground, a drive-thru vaccination facility has been installed. There are 12 booths to enter data and 12 booths to immunise. The centre is open from 16:00 to 12:00.

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