Wednesday, December 6, 2023

COVID 19 positive Whoopi Goldberg has very minor symptoms

Covid-19 was found in Hollywood Star Whoopi Goldberg. Joy Behar, one of Goldberg’s co-hosts on ‘The View,’ confirmed her diagnosis on Monday, Variety reported.

In a statement, Behar said that Whoopi had tested positive before the break.

Behar also said Goldberg’s health isn’t a concern right now: “Her symptoms have been minor since she was vaccinated and boosted. ‘The View’ is being cautious.”

Sunny Hostin, a co-host of ‘The View,’ revealed that she and her mother had both tested positive for Covid during the holidays.

They have subsequently recovered after spending Christmas alone.

The vaccine and booster helped Hostin, who just had cold-like symptoms but didn’t feel great.

To combat the spread of Covid, ‘The View’ restarted semi-remote production on Monday, with co-hosts and guests transmitting from various locales.

The format may be used again in the future weeks.

The View, like many other entertainment productions, is dealing with a fresh surge in Covid-19 instances over the holiday season.

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