Monday, September 25, 2023

Cotton supply rises despite lower sowing

According to Syed Fakhar Imam, Minister for National Food Security and Research, the supply of cotton to ginning companies has increased by 159 percent year on year as a result of the government’s incentive programs.

The minister, who presided over a meeting on cotton on Monday, informed the attendees that around 2.69 million bales of cotton had been sent to the local ginning plants as of September 15, 2021, as compared to 1.04 million bales during the same period last year.

“Despite the fact that cotton cultivation has reached its lowest level in 20 years, with an estimated 1.87 million hectares under cultivation, the supply of cotton to industries has increased by 159 percent,” he stated.

The minister recognized the important contribution played by all stakeholders in raising overall cotton production and emphasized the importance of maintaining the momentum in order to achieve a greater production level.

The minister expressed optimism that the cotton crop would produce more than the prior forecast of 8.46 million bales, noting that diligent crop management was required to keep the upward trend going forward.

In order to retain the quality of the product and to obtain higher prices in the local market, the Imam recommended growers to concentrate on clean harvesting.

Aside from that, the minister recommended farmers carefully select high-yielding cotton varieties for the following year and utilize only certified seeds.

He told the meeting attendees that the government will take a proactive role in the provision of high-quality seeds to farmers in order to facilitate their operations.

He asked provincial governments to conduct crop extension campaigns and to provide farmers with advice on how to properly manage their crops. Imam Zaidi His prediction was that the next six weeks would be important for maintaining strong yields.

“After eight years of deliberation, the government has established an intervention price of Rs5,000 every 40 kg,” the minister announced. According to the announcement, “the move will encourage growers to invest in the crop and harvest better yields.”

The conference was attended by senior officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and provincial agricultural departments.

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