Sunday, September 24, 2023

Consciousness and wisdom must be differentiated

The political history of Pakistan has always been marked by a number of peaks and valleys as well as paradoxes; yet, during the course of the past few years, Pakistan has been witness to some rather unusual political games.

As a result of this, politicians have acquired a penchant for engaging in ludicrous surprises for the sake of satisfying their egos, pursuing personal interests, enhancing their perception of power, and gaining power.

These accomplishments of politicians make it very evident that they have nothing to do with the constitution of the country or the cohesiveness of the nation as a whole.

They are solely interested in achieving their objectives because they are aware that if there is a profit, it will be theirs, while if there is a loss, the nation will be there to bear it. This knowledge drives their motivation.

After all, these politicians too have a stake in the nation, despite the fact that they are completely ignorant regarding the nation’s politics, economy, and constitution, yet they continue to follow their political commitments without question.

The forgetful people of my nation, after listening to the speeches of politicians on the so-called topics that provoke emotions, from the point of view of their political commitment, they start to consider themselves as the Plato of the constitution, politics, and economy, and they hate and fight among themselves more than they do with one another over political differences.

The unfortunate reality, however, is that all of this is nothing more than a simplistic dream concocted by them.

It is now absolutely necessary for us, as a country, to get an understanding of the distinction between consciousness and wisdom.

The judgements that were handed down by the Deputy Speakers of two separate assemblies on April 3, 2022 and July 22, 2022 were nearly identical to one another.

Those who celebrate the first rolling grieve the second rolling, while those who mourn the first rolling throw tantrums over the second rolling. This is an extreme example of double standards and apathy on the part of opportunistic and cruel politicians.

The point of regret is that the political stakes of both eras passed over the heads of the people who appeared to be clever but were actually naïve, and that everyone was left with their mouths turned up in surprise as a result.

In the past, Shahbaz Sharif has been quoted as saying, “We would drag Asif Ali Zardari on the streets of Larkana,” but today the two are allies.

Bilawal Bhutto, after becoming the foreign minister in the same Sharif government, Bilawal is now the most important person in Punjab in any matter.

Asif Ali Zardari had stated in the past that he plans to rip the guts of the entire Sharif family; nevertheless, at the moment, he is sitting with Shahbaz Sharif and also Imran Khan has stated in the past that Pervaiz Elahi is the largest dacoit in the province of Punjab, and now they are desperately trying to make Pervaiz Elahi the Chief Minister of the province of Punjab.

Even in the past, these so-called leaders utilized the country for their own personal gain and conspired with their adversaries by stirring up the ideals and principles of the people, stirring up their emotions, and causing mutual enmity and strife among the population.

Because we blindly followed and blindly followed the angry and accusation-filled political rhetoric of these same opportunistic leaders, our country has suffered from tremendous societal instability.

Under the guise of having opinions over political problems, we have a responsibility to avoid sowing discord and instability throughout the nation and the country.

Moreover, by putting the politicians and evil-loving elements behind, propagate national unity and unity among themselves as responsible citizens.

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