Monday, December 4, 2023

Punjab Health Department Issues Congo Virus Alert Before Eid

The Punjab Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department has issued a Congo Virus notice ahead of Eid ul Adha.

At its notice, the provincial health department has instructed all district officials to take additional precautionary steps in livestock markets across the province to safeguard against the Congo virus.

The health authorities will keep an eye on the animals that are transported to livestock markets on Eid.

Dr. Khalid, Director of Health Services, has recommended the general population ensure that their sacrifice animals are free of the tick that causes the viral infection.

He also suggested that individuals use germicides only after consulting with the livestock department.

The health officials issue a warning to all visitors to cattle ranches, advising them to take precautions.

The hospitals were also told to take extra measures for Congo virus patients and set up separate wards for them.

When a tick attaches itself to the skin of cattle and comes into touch with people, the highly infectious virus is transferred into the human body and the individual becomes unwell. Congo Virus:

Congo Virus symptoms:

Headache, high fever, rashes, back discomfort, joint pain, stomach pain, and vomiting are the first signs of Congo fever.

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