Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Coke Studio team up with Spotify to celebrate Pakistani music

Pakistan’s famous music show Coke Studio has joined the world’s most popular audio streaming service Spotify to start new destination on app. Coke Studio has a slogan “Sound of the Nation” and it always try to give Pakistani music an matchable boost.

This year, Coke Studio has Spotify as the official music streaming partner. Spotify’s has 381 million users. Therefore, Pakistani artists will now be able to interact with a worldwide audience across 184 markets. This season’s Coke Studio Pakistan is very exciting for Spotify’s artists and labels in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

Many playlists will be available on app. It includes Coke Studio Pakistan, Women of Coke Studio Pakistan, and the Best of Coke Studio Fusion playlists. Free and paid customers alike may now access all the music and artists previously featured on CS using the app on their devices. As a result of the partnership, both CS fans and Spotify subscribers will have easier access to the material they like.

CS is a household brand and has helped build a regional affinity for many types of music year after year. For Pakistani and South Asian customers, they are looking forward to providing a better listening experience through joint destination.

However, The new season will begin airing on Pakistani television stations on January 14th.

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