Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Clubhouse Denies False Reports on Users Phone Numbers Data Leaked

According to the report, clubhouse denies the false reports on data leaked of 3.8 Millions users Phone numbers data and some others details. Once again, there were rumors of a leak of clubhouse data, and according to one Twitter user, data with 3.8 billion phone numbers of clubhouse users is for sale.

According to the tweet, the hacked data smart phones, home, landline and professional numbers and that leaked data will be sold on September 4, 2021.

Those who wish to participate in the auction are asked to comment on the darknet post after the user shares the participation link.

“The database of 3.8 billion #clubhouse users’ phone numbers is for sale on #Darknet. It also contains the number of people in the users’ phonebooks that have synced. So chances are you’re on the list, Even if you are, don’t log into the clubhouse. #DataPrivacy,” wrote the tweet.

Clubhouse is a very popular audio-only social media application where people can listen and learn from each other in real time.

Clubhouse has been an invite-only app since its launch in March 2020. On July 21 this year, the company removed the invite-only option and made the app available to all iOS and Android platform users.

Clubhouse did not any response to a request for comment.

Back in April, there were similar rumors of a data breach and subsequent sale of personal information to the clubhouse’s 1.3 million users, including user IDs, names, usernames, photo urls, social media handlers, account creation dates and other information of those users who nominated Users on dark net applications.

The lawsuit was dismissed by Clubhouse CEO Paul Davison, who said the report was “false”. A statement was also posted on the clubhouse’s Twitter account stating, “This is misleading and untrue.

The clubhouse did not have an agreement or hacked.

 The information provided is all public profile information of our application, which anyone can access via our application or API.”

While the company waited to comment on the latest rumors, cybersecurity experts spoke about one of the biggest data leaks of the year.

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