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Climbers Asked to Help Expand Margalla Hills’ Forest Cover


Climbers Asked to Help Expand Margalla Hills’ Forest Cover

The Deputy Commissioner (DC) Islamabad, Mohammad Hamza Shafqaat, has mentioned explorers to help in the extension of the green front of Margalla Hills National Park by dissipating seed balls during their climbs along its various path.

The DC said that guests can get a pack of seed balls liberated from cost from the counters at the section purposes of each trail, and can hurl the seeds along their way to the path

Each sack contains 25 golf-ball estimated seed pellets pressed in mud and about 1.5 million seed balls with four pine seeds each.

He uncovered that climbers had made 25 outings to the Margalla Hills to dissipate the seed balls each day in the course of the most recent fourteen days.
Regardless of whether half seeds are feasibly planted, 3,000,000 trees will be added to the Margalla Hills he commented.

DC Shafqaat added that a seed’s development rate is just 10% which is the reason seed balls are utilized to expand their development rate to 50 percent everywhere on the world.

Taking everything into account, he adulated the volunteers involving individuals from the media and the common society who had partaken in the drive.

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