Monday, December 11, 2023

Russia warned of civil war in Afghanistan after troops withdrawal

Russian Defense Minister expressed his concerns about Afghanistan's future situation in 9th Moscow conference on International security.

Russian Defense Minister Mr. Sergey Shoygu has warned of civil war in Afghanistan following the withdrawal of US and NATO troops. Violence in the war-torn country has escalated since the withdrawal of foreign troops began. During Moscow Conference on International Security, he emphasized the key role of Islamabad and Tehran in uniting Afghan groups.

He urged neighboring countries and international organizations to deal with the deteriorating situation in the country. Several other leaders including PM Imran Khan also urged international efforts to deal with the situation.

In speech at an international security conference, the Russian Defense Minister called for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to be use. He said the mechanism for military security and incident prevention in Asia should discuss in multilateral forums. It is also for cooperation between defense agencies in Asia and the Pacific to avoid civil war in Afghanistan.

A rapid response system has been implemented in Europe since the Cold War. It includes a number of bilateral agreements to prevent incidents in air and sea operations. But there is no such mechanism in the Asia-Pacific region.

He believes it will be useful to discuss military security issues and the development of incident exclusion mechanisms in Asia. It should be in format of multilateral defense cooperation between Asia-Pacific countries.

Moreover, he added that this situation has exacerbated by existence of territorial disputes and unilateral communications called airspace control zones.

In a separate interview Prime Minister Khan also sought political approval from the US before leaving Afghanistan.

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