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Christina Perri’s Passionate Love for the Twilight Series

Christina Perri’s Love for the Twilight Series

Christina Perri, the talented singer known for her hit song “Jar of Hearts,” has openly expressed her admiration for the beloved fantasy series, Twilight. In an interview with People magazine, Perri proudly revealed that she is a devoted fan, affectionately referring to herself as a “twi-hard,” a term used to describe passionate Twilight enthusiasts.

Perri confessed that she frequently watches the Twilight films, stating that whenever they appear on television, she simply can’t resist tuning in. Even during her travels, if she happens to come across the movies while flipping through hotel channels, she considers it a must-watch.

During the pandemic, Perri took the opportunity to revisit the entire Twilight saga, watching all five films. She enthusiastically declared, “They are my people!” Clearly, her connection to the series runs deep.

It’s worth noting that Perri’s involvement with the Twilight series goes beyond being a dedicated viewer. She contributed to the soundtrack of the second-to-last chapter, Breaking Dawn – Part 1, with her popular song, “A Thousand Years.” The singer revealed that she fell in love with the love story between Edward and Bella, the main characters portrayed by Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

Reflecting on her experience, Perri expressed her joy and excitement, emphasizing her genuine love for Twilight. She felt privileged to be a part of the film and considered herself just another passionate fan, or “twi-hard,” in that moment.

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