Friday, April 19, 2024

Christian Bale ‘enjoyed’ not speaking to Johnny Depp on ‘Public Enemies’

Christian Bale didn’t want to talk to Johnny Depp during the filming of Public Enemies. The Batman Begins actor said he avoids co-stars to prevent altering their on-screen personalities.

“I didn’t want to talk unless we were filming a scene,” Bale said. Johnny appeared happy doing it that way.

“We didn’t get better acquainted between takes,” he said.

In another interview, the actor gushed over Depp, stating, “He does his own thing.”

“He makes fascinating choices and diverse movies.” Bale remarked, “That’s fascinating.” Our working style was comparable to the story’s.

Bale said they couldn’t interact on set because if he wasn’t working, Depp was.

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