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China in talks with WHO over assessing its Covid-19 vaccines for global use


SINGAPUR: China is a conversation for the Organización Mundial de la Salud evalúe su vacunas COVID-19 of the local producer, como un paso para que estén available for uso internacional, dijo el martes un funcionario de la WHO.

Cientos de miles from trabajadores esenciales and otros grupos de alto riesgo in China han recibido vacunas desarrolladas local incluso cuando los ensayos clínicos no se completo por completo, lo que genera preocupaciones de seguridad entre los expertos.

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Socorro Escalate, WHO coordinator para medicamentos esenciales y tecnologías sanitarias in the region del Pacífico Occidental, this is one of the most important conferences in China, including a list of available data.

The procedure for the use of the emergency call by the WHO has been licensed to apply for a medical service and a license to send an emergency. There is no data from the OMS and the UN adquisiciones to determine the acceptance of the vacunas.

“Potentially through an evaluation of costs and evaluation of costs and evaluation of economic data. … y luego esto podría estar available para nuestros licenciatarios ”, dijo Escalante.

China has done a number of experiments and the last etapa de los essayos clínicos: dos son desarrolladas por el Grupo Nacional Biotec de China (CNBG), respaldado por el estado, and the remaining son of Sinovac Biotech and CanSino Biologics, respectively.

Search prueban in countries como Pakistán, Indonesia, Brazil, Russia and los Emiratos Árabes Unidos.

The first half of the country, the United States of America, the United States of America, the United States of America, the CNBG, the main international authorization for a holiday in China, the only months of the holiday in the United States and the rest of the world.

The President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, has prioritized China and Russia in the global equation of vacunas de su país.

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