Sunday, September 24, 2023

China Gezhouba Group Firm stops work on Dasu project after the bus incident

The Chinese company which works on the Dasu Hydropower project has stopped operations for “safety concerns” and dismissed all except the most relevant Pakistani people.
The China Gezhouba Group Firm (CGGC) has a letter stating that the company cannot continue its project activities due to the 14 July event in which nine Chinese nationals have been killed.

The CGGC has claimed that Pakistani employees who are laid off are compensated for wages and free under their contracts.

Project Director Anwarul Haq stated that the Chinese company has suspended the project work, adding that it would resume work after security improvements.
At least 12 workers, including nine Chinese employees working on the project, were murdered when they were dropped into the barracks after an explosion by a bus transporting them.

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