Sunday, October 1, 2023

China declares its willingness to engage in ‘friendly relations’ with the Taliban

On Monday, after the Taliban gained control of the nation, a state speaker told China that it is ready to expand “friendly and constructive” relations with Afghanistan.

Beijing tried during its departure from Afghanistan to preserve unofficial relations with the Taliban, prompting Islamist hardliners all throughout the nation to take the capital Kabul on Sunday.

China shares a rough border with Afghanistan of 76 km.

However, a senior Taliban delegation met in Tianjin last month with Chinese Minister Wang Yi, assuring that Afghanistan would not be used as a base for activists.

In return for reconstruction in Afghanistan, China promised economic help and investment.

On Monday, China “welcomed” the opportunity to develop its relations with Afghanistan, which has been appreciated by greater power for decades for its geostrategic importance.

The Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Hua Chunying, said to reporters: “The Taliban has frequently stated the wish to create good ties with China, and look forward to China’s engagement in Afghanistan’s rebuilding and development.”

Hina’s embassy in Kabul continues to function, Hua said, whereas the increasing security situation led Beijing to evict Chinese people from the country months ago.

The Embassy said Monday in a declaration that the remaining Chinese people in Afghanistan “watch the security situation carefully” and remain inside.

By September 11 US President Joe Biden vowed to remove US forces in full, marking a two decades end to conflict.

But the quick fall of the government and the massive march of the Taliban startled Washington. Washington.

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