Monday, December 11, 2023

China and Russia reveals plan to jointly build a lunar research station

China and Russia have announced plans to jointly build a lunar research station. It is a progressive and unique space project between the two countries.

Russia’s Roscosmos and China’s National Space Administration – both sides of NASA – announced a preliminary agreement on Tuesday. They talk about to jointly develop a research facility known as the International Moon Exploration Station, or ILRS.

The chiefs of both space agencies signed an agreement of mutual understanding in an Video conference.

The proposed station, which will be opened to other countries upon completion. “It is a comprehensive scientific test base with the possibility of long-term sovereign operation,” said a statement from China’s space agency.

The station will “be built on the surface of the moon and / or orbit”, the statement said, and it will continue project such as “research and use of the moon, lunar observations, basic scientific experiments and technical inspections”.

In a similar but separate statement, Roscosmos said Russia and China would “jointly develop a road map for the establishment of the station and” work together to plan, justify, design, develop, implement and operate the project, including its presentation to the world extraterrestrial community. “

The proposed US space station in lunar orbit known as the Gateway. It see as a key part of the overall return to the moon known as the Gateway Artemis. It also provides a base on the lunar surface.

Main Aspects of Lunar Station

The Sino-Russian joint proposal does not contain a timetable. NASA’s current opinion of Artemis, the Trump administration’s program, will show “the first woman and next man on the moon in 2024”, Although some space policy experts believe the target date will be different from that of the president. Biden.

The former Soviet Union launched the first humans into space in 1961. This led the first men in a decade-long “space race” with the United States. However, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia was more willing to participate in joint space efforts.

It builds and launches parts of the International Space Station, sends routine refueling missions to orbital laboratories. It also provides transportation to and from the ISS for astronauts from the United States and other countries.

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